Ep221: Inspiration in Times of Crisis from Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Dante Vitoria & Vikas Gupta

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Our past podcast guests continue to share with us little pieces of advice that we can all try to maintain and do daily to keep ourselves on an even keel. Hopefully, with this wisdom, we’ll ultimately create a brighter future out of this situation.

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner from Ep61 The Impact of Foreign Currency on a Managed Fund

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner is a keynote TEDx speaker, global innovation strategist, and author of The Trust Economy, published in English (2017), German (2018), and Simplified Chinese (2019). Philipp has spoken at prominent global organizations such as Facebook, P&G, Microsoft, Turner, Munich Re, Zillow, Globe Telecom, CPA Australia, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, the Economist Intelligence Unit and many others.

  • We need to understand how we can make agility sustainable. We’re currently experiencing an exciting surge in agility in business. Organizations that are not usually very agile are developing quality responses and solutions to the current situation very rapidly and very effectively.
  • We need to move from compliance measures to proactive ways of addressing the current issue and future issues to come.
  • Let’s encourage more of the community spirit because the collective action to fight a common enemy is a powerful way. For that to happen, everyone must care about the situation, and we must feel in control of actually doing our bit.
  • Think about sustainability in urgency. Use the current urgency for change and use it as an opportunity to create sustainable transformation, future of work, and digital transformation in your organizations, businesses, and governments.
  • Understand that by using new tools and ways of working, we’re going to form habits that will sustain us even after the current times have improved and move to greener pastures.
  • There’s a massive opportunity in adversity, and we can make the most of the current situation by coming out stronger and more capable as humanity and as the business world overall.

Dante Vitoria from Ep178 When an FBI Agent Tells You to Go to Breakfast, Do It

For over 30 years, Dante Vitoria has been running his firm the Vitoria Group, which has broad experience working with companies of various sizes to fulfill its client’s financial needs. The group provides a vast array of financial services specifically tailored to enable clients to meet their goals, the assistance direction, and access to professional banking and other facilities.

  • We all are working from home because of the global pandemic, be diligent about that. Form continuous habits to keep you productive.
  • Remember to follow advice from the government and health officials. If you do get to go out, wear a mask and keep a distance.
  • We are all at home and stressed about this crisis, so be kind, patient, and gentle with everyone; we all cope with stress differently. So try to understand everyone.

Vikas Gupta from Ep156 Always Remember that the Unexpected Can Happen Even with Value Investing

Vikas Gupta founded OmniScience Capital to provide a scientific approach to global and India-listed equity investments. Together with his team, he formulated the Proprietary Scientific Investing Framework, which stands on the strong foundations of nearly 100 years of investment research and practice.

  • During this COVID-19 pandemic, we ought to think about our personal life, investment life, and business life.
  • When it comes to our personal life, this is the time to ask ourselves if we are on the path that we want.
  • The lockdown is the best time to build a new habit that you could use for the rest of your life.
  • Review your investment critically so that you can be able to see whether there are any flaws in it.
  • Regarding your business, go back to your vision. Have you reached your set target? How is your progress qualitatively and quantitatively? What can be changed?

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