Ep282: Julian Hosp – Learn to Win by Focusing on How Not to Lose

Dr. Julian Hosp is the largest crypto influencer in the German-speaking world, with over 90,000 followers on YouTube. He has written many articles and spoken at many blockchain conferences. He is a medical doctor and ex-professional athlete, and CEO co-founder of Cake, and chairman of DeFiChain Foundation.

Ep279: James Jani – You May Gain the Right Skills From the Wrong Path

James Jani is a YouTube Expert and Vlogger, who creates thought-provoking documentaries on YouTube about Business, Money, and Life. He’s been running a YouTube channel since January of 2020 that has now grown to 422k+ subscribers, with an average of 2 million views a month!

Ep278: Daniel St-Jean – Decide on Your Investing System and Follow It

Daniel St-Jean was born and raised in Montreal. Still, he has also lived in Whitehorse Yukon Territory, Vancouver BC, Ottawa, and now home is in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. He is an entrepreneur to the core, and the last time he received a paycheck as an employee was in 1986.