Ep194: Rayson Choo – Learn About the Product First, That’s Your Insurance

Rayson Choo is a Transformation Catalyst. What he does for a living is pick the brains of the best entrepreneurs in this world such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and others to find out simple and effective steps that millennials can take to experience success in the swiftest and most effective way possible.

Ep193: Danielle Rocco – Find Your Place in Life and Know Your Self Worth

Danielle “Dani” Rocco is a mother, wife, and lifelong entrepreneur. Growing up as a professional ballerina developed her commitment and dedication to everything that life has to offer. As an adult, her athletic skills transferred and assisted in her becoming a successful business owner.

Ep192: Sampath Mallidi – Your Startup Should Always Have Paying Customers

Sampath Mallidi is the Founder and CEO of Intandemly, a successful startup that helps organizations execute Account-based Sales through their software. Bootstrapped and formed in 2017, Intandemly has been profitable since year 1. Today, more than 200 organizations from 10+ countries use Intandemly to generate sales in the five figures!

Ep190: Adam Dollner – Don’t Be Afraid to Cancel a Project If It’s Not Going to Plan

Adam Dollner is a skillful international tech & travel/tourism specialist, speaker, and possibility creator with an entrepreneurial mindset. He has visited more than 70 countries and contributed his tech skills to more than 850 small or medium-sized businesses worldwide.