Ep166: Otavio Costa – Build a Strong Framework and Respect Liquidity in Any Business Cycle

Otavio “Tavi” Costa is the portfolio manager at Crescat Capital and has been with the firm for six years. Tavi built Crescat’s macro model that identifies the current stage of the US economic cycle through a combination of 16 factors.

Ep164: Richard Flint – To Win in Life Learn to Find, Face, and Control Your Biggest Fear

Richard Flint has been speaking and changing lives for over 30 years. His staying power comes from a strong following of corporate clients and associations that invite him back year after year. As one of America’s top personal development speakers and coaches, he travels and speaks over 175 times per year and personally coaches businesses and individuals while on the road.

Ep163: Scott Smith – Launching a Business? Find Your Future You and Listen to Them First

Scott Royal Smith, Esquire, founder, and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions prides himself on successfully conveying the essentials in asset protection to audiences nationwide. Scott is no stranger to high stakes litigation and has spent his career deconstructing asset protection structures.