Ep184: Whitney Hansen – Do Your Own Research to Gain a Basic Understanding

Whitney Hansen teaches millennials how to pay off debt and gain financial independence. She gives them the tools to have more fun with money while sprinkling in a little silliness. She’s got a Master’s in Business, a Bachelor’s in Accounting, experienced paying off debt ($30,000 in 10 months), and a true “started from the bottom” story.

Ep183: Justin Tamsett – Take Care of Your Health First to Not Lose Your Business

Justin Tamsett is Australia’s most awarded fitness business speaker and is recognized internationally as a thought leader who delivers in a unique style and with quality content. He will have you challenge how you do things as he believes we should #thinkanddodifferent to grow the fitness industry.

Ep182: Erik Seversen – In Startup Investing Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“Ordinary to Extraordinary” is something Erik Seversen lives by, and he’s been pretty successful at it. Born into an average, lower-middle-class family, Erik received no support from school counselors and others, but he didn’t let them crush his desire to accomplish amazing things.

Ep181: Mathew Frederick – Learn to Say No to Investment Opportunities that Don’t Feel Right

With 28 years of experience in real estate investing, there is not a strategy that Mathew Frederick has not executed, which includes residential, commercial, new development, raising capital, offshore, and coaching. Mathew started in residential income property then expanded to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings, and new development projects.

Ep180: Roger Dooley – Ask for Feedback to Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Roger Dooley is an author and international keynote speaker. His books include FRICTION – The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage and Brainfluence: 100 Ways To Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing. He writes the popular blog Neuromarketing as well as a columnist at Forbes.