Ep179: Peter Sainsbury – Use a Journal to Stay Self-aware When Making a Contrarian Investment

Peter Sainsbury is an investor in resource stocks and is also a commodity futures trader. In an attempt to help others, he wrote two books aimed at investors – Commodities: 50 Things You Really Need To Know and Crude Forecasts: Predictions, Pundits & Profits In The Commodity Casino.

Ep178: Dante Vitoria – When an FBI Agent Tells You to Go to Breakfast, Do It

For over 30 years, Dante Vitoria has been running his firm the Victoria Group, which has broad experience working with companies of various sizes to fulfill its client’s financial needs. The client base is extremely diverse, ranging from international money centers, domestic banks, insurance companies, and financial firms.

Ep177: Sarah Larbi – Build a Network of Successful Role Models to Avoid this Real Estate Investing Mistake

Sarah Larbi specializes in helping take the mystery out of homeownership for Canadians who thought real estate investing was out of reach. She has earned their trust and respect by having the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a seven-figure, 10 property investment portfolio by her early 30’s.

Ep175: Michael Lebowitz – Follow Your Intuition and Stand Up for Yourself to Avoid Loss

Michael brings more than 25 years of financial markets and risk management experience as a portfolio manager at RIA Advisors. Throughout his career, Michael has been involved in trading portfolio construction and risk management, involving some of the largest and most active portfolios in the world.