Ep213: Inspiration in Times of Crisis from David Barnett, Andrew Sherman & Erik Bergman

We are living through the COVID-19 Coronavirus times. Times of fear, despair, and anxiety. We all need words of hope and encouragement to keep us going. Andrew reached out to our past podcast guests who took a few minutes to share nuggets of wisdom on how to survive and thrive through this epidemic.

Ep212: Henry Briffel – If They Aren’t Willing to Sign an NDA Something Is Probably Wrong

A management consultant and venture capital professional, Henry Briffel advocates for the highest ethical standards, value of a secure and diversified supply chain, and the power of people and technology to bring innovation to the marketplace.

Ep211: Inspiration in Times of Crisis from Shaun Rein, Nick Bradley & Josiah Smelser

In this challenging time of COVID-19 outbreak and economic shutdown, people need inspiration and hope that they will make it through. This is the time to rely on your family friends and the network you have built. Andrew reached out to his network of podcast guests and asked each to share their best advice on how to survive and thrive during these difficult times.

Ep210: Samuel Kamugisha – Constant Frustrations Selling SMS Messages Killed The Business

Samuel Kamugisha is a brand and growth strategist hailing from Uganda in East Africa but has been in Malaysia for the past five years, where he completed his Master’s degree. He is skilled in marketing, creative strategy, brand development, and project management that he attained from various fields.