Ep220: Inspiration in Times of Crisis from Sal Daher, Joe Saul-Sehy & Jack Thomas

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Here a few tips from some of our past podcast guests that will help you get through this COVID-19 crisis. These uplifting words of wisdom will help give you a positive mindset and come out of this pandemic stronger.

Sal Daher from Ep152 To Win Big as an Angel Investor, You Have to Look at All Angles

Sal Daher is an angel investor who invests in technologies that set Boston apart. He is a member of Walnut Ventures and MIT Angels. Sal is a syndicate lead and podcast host at Angel Invest Boston Podcast.

  • Be very careful with your cash, renegotiate your rents, and consider the cost of your headcount.
  • This thing is going to be here for a while; we’re not going to have vibrant economic activity anytime soon. So you have to think long term in terms of preserving your resources.
  • Use the limited resources that you have, in a way that’s economical for you. This will help others and also help your long term survival.
  • Think creatively; you might be able to build value in your enterprise. But remember to be very careful with your scarce resources.

Joe Saul-Sehy from Ep155 Financial Risk Management Lies in Diversification across Industries

Joe Saul-Sehy is the co-host of the award-winning Stacking Benjamins podcast, which focuses on earning, saving, and spending with a plan. He was the “Money Man” at Detroit television WXYZ-TV, appearing twice weekly.

  • During this COVID-19 crisis, realize that there are things you can control and influence, and things you can neither control nor influence. Most people dwell on the things that they can neither control nor influence.
  • Focus on your community and on the things that you can control, like, getting better at the things that you do. Even if your job is gone, your skills are not gone, you’re still the same person that you were before.
  • Spend time not only growing yourself but also growing your community or keeping the people around you safe. Such are some of the things that you can control and influence.

Jack Thomas from Ep176 Successful Entrepreneurs Focus on Hiring Right

Jack Thomas is the founder and CEO of BASE, which was voted as Asia’s Gym of the Year 2018 at the Fitness Best Awards. With eight years of experience in Asia’s fitness industry. Jack also hosts the Fitness Business Asia Podcast, a weekly show with a mission to raise the standards of Asia’s fitness industry.

  • You now have more time to do the things that you want to do, whether it’s writing a book, or working on something in your business that you’ve had to put on hold recently.
  • Stay connected with your team. This is a great chance to show your team that you are there for them, and you will see how your business will bounce back with an even stronger team before the pandemic.
  • Adversity breeds resilience. It’s during these tough times that we have to rise to the challenge to develop our offerings and grow.
  • As a business owner, make sure every day you are working towards capitalizing on the opportunities available and continue to serve your clients.

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