Ep45: Peter Emblin – Keep Invested to Get Great Returns

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Guest profile

Peter Emblin has diverse experience in global financial markets and corporate finance having worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, and various South East Asian countries. His career experiences cover analysis, primary research, investment management, mergers and acquisitions from both the buy and sell sides. He was a resident in Thailand since 1992 when he came there to help establish a newly authorized fund management company. He is a Fellow of the Finance and Securities Institute of Australia, Chartered Director of the Thai Institute of Directors and a Director of the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Seamico Securities and Delight Plus.

Listen to Peter as he tells us how his initial $2,000 investments made a $40,000 profit and later ended up an awful loss. Learn all the lessons, follow his advice and prevent the same mistakes he did. Hear this story in another episode of painful loss and sweet success.


Trade around if it’s close stock and you believe in it, and your research told you nothing has fundamentally changed. Rely on it. Standby it.”

Peter Emblin

Topics Covered:

01:01 – A brief background of our guest and the reason why he stayed in Thailand for over 25 years already

02:18 – Peter recalls investing in a publicly listed telecom company in the Philippines and how it turned out to be his worst investment experience

04:56 – Sharing the lessons he learned

05:54 – Andrew summarizes his takeaways

08:11 – Peter adds a piece of brief but actionable advice: “Do your research.

Main Takeaways:

Lesson 1: “Market prices move differently to the fundamentals of companies. And if you’ll look an investment for long term reason, check your research, check what’s happening.”– Peter Emblin

Lesson 2: “Don’t let the market moves get caught up because markets move for other reasons, the liquidity of sellers, which has nothing to do with the underlying company. So, stick to your guns is what I learned. If you’re buying the hold, don’t get scared or worried my short-term moves.”– Peter Emblin

Lesson 3: “Asia tends to be a much more volatile part of the world for the markets.”– Andrew Stotz

Lesson 4: “You got to have a good plan when you’re going into it, like a solid, even a written plan so that you know what you’re doing and you won’t be lured away by a quick gain.”– Andrew Stotz

Lesson 5: “Don’t just put your money in and get it out and incompletely build your core positions. And then it’s okay to trade around those positions with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50% of the core amount.”– Andrew Stotz

Lesson 6: “Trading around, hopefully, it’ll give you some gain. But in many cases, it could give you loss. But the point is it may satisfy an emotional need.  And the satisfaction of that emotional need may help you to keep the long position in place”– Andrew Stotz

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