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BIO: Michelle Griffin is a certified international personal brand strategist with clients from around the world. She is also a certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide and a credentialed digital marketer and copywriter. She is the host of the Personal Branding Clubhouse Weekly Show.

STORY: Michelle had always wanted to be her own boss, but imposter syndrome made her lose so much time before she could muster enough confidence to do it.

LEARNING: Take the first step and put yourself out there so that people know you. Be consistent in providing value.


“Our most important commodity is just showing up consistently every day.”

Michelle Griffin


Guest profile

Michelle Griffin is a certified international personal brand strategist with clients from around the world. She is also a certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide and a credentialed digital marketer and copywriter. She is the host of the Personal Branding Clubhouse Weekly Show.

Worst investment ever

After graduating with a Master’s degree in PR, Michelle was so excited to become an entrepreneur. She had always dreamed of having her own business since she was in her 20s.

Letting her dream remain just a dream

Even though she wanted to be an entrepreneur, Michelle threw her dream off to the side and went on to employment.

Michelle’s dream kept haunting her. About five or six years ago, she started getting very interested in entrepreneurship and the online world. She wanted it so bad. Michelle invested in courses, promising herself that one day her dream would come true and she’d be her own boss.

A severe case of imposter syndrome

Even with all her skills and experience, Michelle didn’t feel confident enough to go into business on her own. Every day, she would wake up with the same dream but never give into it. Michelle was waiting for someone to give her permission, but only she would give herself that permission.

Getting out of her comfort zone

Years later, Michelle was asked to give a talk to her local association—a group of cybersecurity professionals. She spent weeks developing this unique framework she called Own Your Message: How to Step Out to Stand Out and Succeed in Your Industry. She gave her talk, and it was a hit.

This was when it dawned on her that she was not practicing what she was preaching. It was right after that that she turned in her resignation and started her business.

Lessons learned

Take that first step

Even though you are scared and don’t want to do it, you just need to take that first step. You must get out of your comfort zone to grow. Once you take that one step, you won’t stop; you’ll keep going.

Put yourself out there so that people know who you are

To market your brand, you must put yourself out there. If you stay hidden and make yourself small, your customers will not know who you are. Your job is to help others, but they have to know who you are and what you stand for.

Just show up

Show up authentically and help people. Soon, they’re going to realize you’re there to help them, and they’re going to want to come to you so.

Consistency breeds confidence which results in success

When you’re consistent in what you do, you become confident, and then you get bolder and can go out and meet people; then you slowly develop your community.

Andrew’s takeaways

Identify what your number one constraint to growth is

Find out what is the number one constraint to growth in your life. This could be lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, and so much more.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just consistent

You don’t have to do something complex for people to know you and what you have to offer. Just get out there and make it a habit to contribute value consistently.

Actionable advice

Put yourself first because if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not going to help others. Put yourself out there and be consistent. Don’t give up because people see you. Always remember that it takes a while to succeed in this oversaturated, noisy world. Just be consistent.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Michelle’s number one goal for the next 12 months is to launch a podcast and a LinkedIn live show. She plans to keep building those platforms and probably create mini-courses and training to continue growing her community and help more people.


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Andrew Stotz 00:01
Hello fellow risk takers and welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning. In our community. We know that to win in investing, you must take risk, but to win big, you've got to reduce it. If you're not already a member of our community, go to my worst investment ever.com right now to join and receive five free benefits. First, you get the risk reduction checklist. I mean, from what I've learned from all my guests. Second, you get my weekly investment research email to help you increase return. Third, you get a 25% discount on all a Stotz Academy courses. And for if you get instant access to our Facebook community to get to know guests and fellow listeners. And finally you get my curated list of the Top 10 episodes out of now nearly 400 fellow risk takers This is your worst podcast host Andrew Stotz from a Stotz Academy, and I'm here with featured guests, Michelle Griffin. Michelle, are you ready to rock? I am so ready to rock. We've had a nice chat before we've gone live. So I'm really excited. And there's some reasons why I really want to bring you to the audience. And I'm going to explain that a little bit by reading your bio. So ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Griffin is a certified international personal brand strategist with clients from around the world. She's also a certified story brand marketing guide, and a credentialed digital marketer and copywriter. And she is also the host of the personal branding clubhouse, weekly show Ladies and gentlemen, if you're on clubhouse, go there right now and look for Michelle Griffin. Now, Michelle, take a minute in Philly, for the tidbits about your life.

Michelle Griffin 01:54
Okay, well, thanks for having me. Uh, yeah, I'm all about branding, marketing, and helping people get their brand out in a way that's authentic and real and brings them opportunity, right. When you show up, you are going to meet people, they're going to start knowing you liking you and trusting you. And that's what I'm about. So I couple that with my marketing and PR experience. And that's what I do, I help people who are struggling stand out. So I'm super excited to tell my story and how what I do today is a direct result of the mistakes I made in my own

Andrew Stotz 02:28
interesting. Well, there's two things that I really was interested about when I first came across you. The first is your experience with LinkedIn. And the second was your experience with story brand. And for those listeners out there who have not gotten the book, building a story brand by Donald Miller, it is really an amazing book, it's got to be one of the best books I've ever read on marketing. And I read a lot. It's very actionable. And in your case, you went all the way to the state of being, you know, certified in that and know a lot about it. So that was the first thing that I really was interested in. The second thing is your skills in LinkedIn. And I swear, I want you to look at my LinkedIn profile. Yeah, yeah. Give me the 62nd checkup or improvement or something. And for the listeners out there, you know, open up your LinkedIn, think about what you're doing on LinkedIn and listen to what Michelle can give about the good and bad and you know, some ideas of what she's seen. So Michelle, take it away.

Michelle Griffin 03:31
Yeah, thank you. Now, I'm going to pull this up. And we are going to dive right into your profile, which I think I had up and I think I have lost one second. So tell me real quick right now you've been a you know, today exactly is or ironically, we're doing this today is the 18th year anniversary of LinkedIn. Did you know that?

Andrew Stotz 03:52
That's amazing. I mean, I didn't pay much attention to LinkedIn until about five years ago, and then I started to get serious. But

Michelle Griffin 04:00
yes, LinkedIn, you and everyone else, you and everyone else, because everyone thought and back then it was like a resume and recruiter site. And I took a poll today or actually did a little video on how to find out the exact day you join because it's deep buried in your settings. And most people said, I joined. You know, the earliest I think was 2006. And everyone says I ignored it to last year. Right. So but LinkedIn, to me is the vital important place to build your personal brand next, especially for I'm sure most of your listeners here, right? This is the place where business happens. And in your case, I want to say well, you and I met on LinkedIn which I think I was drawn. I love your headline, your I mean your banner with the kids screaming and the divorce podcast or investment ever. So I like that you're using your billboard, your headline, the right way. All the attention. It makes me intrigued and then we go down to your headline and there you go. Right, then it brings in free, who you are. The only thing I would suggest, I know you say a lot of people come to you because of that. I might even, you know, plug yourself with some speaking and training things like that. And author, you're so varied. But I think I mean, you're doing it well, like I don't even need to like give you so much tidbits because you're one of the people who rockin LinkedIn.

Andrew Stotz 05:23
Interesting. Okay. Yeah.

Michelle Griffin 05:25
Let me just look, your story's good. I want to just make sure everyone gets a really good about section, your featured sections. Good. You know what I think I would add for you, Eric. I mean, I might read something else. I know your name. I just read the name. Eric, I would add a few more things and your featured section, some colorful, fun graphics of what you do. So it really pops that your shades area. Yeah, you're doing well on this stuff. You got all that? Yeah, you're doing a really well. And if you were one of my clients, we go through a lot. You got a lot of good endorsement skills. Oh, my goodness, you are so generous. Look, you've given 600 recommendations. Wow, I'm impressed. That's so generous. Anyway, it looks really good. It's really building your brand. And they're just a few tweaks, I would add, and you're rocking it. So

Andrew Stotz 06:18
thank you. And for the listeners out there, let's just review that, you know, first, she talked about that banner that graphic at the top. And I think for everybody out there, you know, really take some time to put together something that's simple and clear. And it may take a little time. Um, we design that one on on Canva. And we had a lot of little designs that we played around with. The second one is your headline. And what you'll notice in my headline is the word that Michelle used was the word intrigue. And that's what I'm trying to go after me my worst investment ever is already kind of a put off in some ways. People don't want to hear words they want to hear best. So I'm kind of celebrating, I'm the worst podcast host. And I'm the worst, my worst investment ever. And that also reminds me of, you know, what, when I changed my profile to be focused on that. I started receiving emails by people saying, you know, why do you call yourself the worst? And I always reply, because you emailed me, then the point is, the injury can sometimes do that. And, you know, you mentioned about maybe I could add a little bit to that, which is good advice. I'm gonna think about that. But if I add some to it, I just want to make sure it doesn't dilute the intrigue of that title. button. And the story. You know, I wrote a two line story. You know, that just, it's just bad. I just made it so it shows when you don't even have to open the bounce. Yeah, that's right. And so you know, one of the things I like about that is it just it forces people to click, I think below the story, I've got some work to do. You talked about the featured section and getting more showcased, you know that that's your showcase. So I've gotten some great tips from that. And hopefully the listeners out there can get those to you. And, you know, we'll put everything in the show notes. So if anybody wants to get in touch with Michelle, just go to the show notes and talk to her.

Michelle Griffin 08:16
So yeah, and one of the things real quick before we transition to my story. That's the place where you know content is huge. And what I help people with, we talked about how sliders carousels, sliders are getting so much traction there, you can put your colorful and best sliders there. People love those. So that's a perfect place. It's your showcase places to showcase you. So to go for it. But I'm happy to help. You know, if you ever want to discuss LinkedIn, I could talk about it all day. So beautiful. Anyway,

Andrew Stotz 08:46
I think we'll have the link to your LinkedIn in the show notes. So listeners out there, if you want to get in touch, just click on the links. Well, now, first of all, thank you for that. I appreciate the feedback. And now it's time to share your worst investment ever. And since no one ever goes into their worst investment thinking it will be. Tell us a bit about the circumstances leading up to it and then tell us your story.

Michelle Griffin 09:11
Yeah, well, my worst investment was not not investing in myself. Right. Okay, well, going back to right after grad school. I was so excited. I just got my master's in PR. And I had dreamed one day having my own business, right. I had entrepreneurial dreams back in my 20s. Right. And I didn't do it threw it off to the side. And so about five, six years ago, I started getting very, very interested in the entrepreneur, online world reamed about it. And just you know, wanted it so bad. I invested in time and courses and I just, I went just crazy, you know, thinking Gosh, one day when that'd be great. That would be my dream come true to be my own boss. I come from five generations. I think I'm the fifth generation of entrepreneurs. I just thought that was the best thing ever. You know, but there was a problem. Here I am with all those experiences job, it was fine. I didn't believe in myself, like, I didn't believe that I could do it. Like, every day I would like wake up and go is today the day that I'm going to do it. I just didn't listen to my inner self, or even find someone to listen to. Instead, I just buried myself in books. If I learn this, if I get cleared and killed in this, if I do this, then then I can do it right? Well, here's the thing. Every day, I would wake up with the same dream. Today, it'll be the day I thought about it, I consumed it, I just all I could think about. So fast forward days go into weeks, and the years or two months and the years. And one day I look and go, Oh my gosh, I always had new my anniversary date because that was the day I got my rekindle. And it was July 29 2015, I was fresh off a 10 day family trip from Kyle on the west coast, California and Canada. And I went and I came back and I just was struck with that on a podcast and about this online world. And that moment opened up my 20 year old self anyway. So when I came back four years laters thinking, Michelle, it's been four years or years, you've wanted to leave your job and start your own thing. What is wrong with you? I talk to myself a lot, right? So anyway, can you imagine that's like, more than 1000? The, that's more than 1000 days. I mean, I don't even know how many days that would probably depress me. So here's the thing. I didn't invest in myself, because I was waiting for someone to give me permission. Someone to say, Michelle, now's your time, right? Well, here's the thing, if we don't take investment in ourselves and belief in ourselves, I was totally capable. But I didn't believe or I didn't have I don't know what it was. I honestly don't know what it is, I guess maybe fear imposter syndrome here was highly capable of doing it. I think what it was too, we all probably your listeners can relate. You're in this job. It's a great job. But it's your comfort zone, right? You're just there. And it's not great. You're not growing in it and you just kind of stay in it right. So anyway. So coupled with that, and coupled with my somehow desire that every day I dreamed about the same thing. It was like, I don't know if you're familiar with the American movie, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, where he wakes up. But Bill Murray, that's kind of how I felt. Now granted, someone once said, Michelle, well, you know, that's not so bad. Well, yes, it is. Right. If you've lived that life, it's like being stuck in a hamster wheel. If you want out, no, you want out but you somehow can't get out. It is bad because I knew I had a message and a mission to help more people with my skill set. And I just didn't know how to take the thing. And I didn't believe myself. Anyway. So long story short, one day, I had to give this talk, right? I started to put myself out a little bit a little bit. And one day I had to give this talk to this group and my local Association and they were all it and cybersecurity professionals. Right. And I'm thinking, and they just said show up and talk to us. And I said, Okay, so anyway, I developed I spent weeks developing this amazing framework and this amazing thing, it was called on your message, how to step out to stand out to succeed in your industry,

Andrew Stotz 13:23
in your writing for yourself for them. Exactly what

Michelle Griffin 13:27
exactly and you think about it is though I really want I love on mine public speaking, right? But it was like, why did I do this? I don't know. Anyway, so I just spent all this time on it and in jail being this like brilliant, ironically, seven part framework, you know, just like Donald Miller seven part, but what my kids are all it was just about how do you like, figure out what you want to do and get your message out there? I gave it was a hit and it dawned on me. Oh my gosh, you're not practicing this. Why aren't you doing this? So it was right after that. That was in April of 2019. I turned in, I kid you not. Six weeks later, after a lot of talking my husband and stuff and I turned in my resignation. I said I'm retiring. And they couldn't believe it. It blindsided everybody, but it was time. I was so ready to get out in the world to help more people. So the irony is, I had it in me all along. Right. And it was all about owning your message and owning who you are. So I stay I've retired after I stayed on for six months so they could figure it out. And I left my job and January 31 2025 and a half years, almost to the day of getting struck again with that desire. And so, looking back, we can't look back and judge ourselves. I'm on a huge mission. That's why I do what I do. Right? to help people who are so stuck in their own minds. To get that marvelous message and mission they have to want to share it at us. expertise to help others. I know what it's like to struggle to be uncertain. And to be scared, but knowing you have some brilliance and knowledge and skill. So that's what I do. I don't want anyone ever to waste that time is precious. Yes, our most important commodity center long way short, it's all about just showing up. And that's what I do. You go,

Andrew Stotz 15:22
there you go. So I took some notes during that, you know, first thing you said, You know, I didn't believe the second thing is, you buried yourself in books. Yeah. And then the third thing was today, today will be the day is what you can saying. And then finally, is that I had it in me all along. Wow, what a story. So can you summarize the lessons that you learn from this? And keep in mind, some of the listeners are struggling in the exact same spot?

Michelle Griffin 15:57
Yes, yeah, no. Okay. So I knew I had it all along, I did it all excited. Here's the thing. It is a consistent daily thing, even though it was consistency back then saying Today's a day and I find some new thing to figure out, I realize I was still not there yet. I made the decision, right. But it takes more you take that one step, but you can't stop, you got to keep going. So, of course, you know, I stopped, I ended my job and started my entrepreneurial dreams, going to take a sabbatical. And then of course, the global pandemic started. So I wasn't going to let that stop me after mourning, the sadness of it all got storybrand certified, because you know, I love Donald Miller and all his framework about messaging and the hero. But the main thing is, I was still getting going there. But the main thing I realized, I still was not stepping out enough. So I got really involved more in LinkedIn. And then here's where the real magic started happening. When I said, I'm going to start building my personal brand, not in a way that's real grand dicing about me, because that's not me, I have to get out there so people know who the heck I am, that I'm here to help them. Because if I stay hidden, and behind and small, you know, they are not going to know who I am. And it's not about me, my job is to help others but they have to know who you are and what you're stand for. So it wasn't until I started putting myself out there mostly on LinkedIn. That's why I'm so passionate about it, meeting people making community networking, relationship building, the magic started happening. And it's not about me, it's just helping me spread my mission, my message. So I started meeting people like you starting being asked on podcast on shows I started doing a weekly personal branding clubhouse thing. So I just started and then you know what, how I landed that, because I started daily posting, I decided I wasn't going to play small. So in December 31, I'm going to start consistently posting every single day on LinkedIn. Isn't that nuts for the people who are scared? Because that was me. I was like, Why? What do people say every day? Right? It's nuts, right? So here's the thing, when you're scared, and you don't want to do it, take that first step, you have to get out of the comfort zone to grow. That's the only way to it. Nothing changes, if nothing changes, no consistency every single day. And here's when consistency kicks in. When you're consistent, you get that confidence. And when you get that confidence, you're going to just feel more important, you know, to be able to meet people to go, it's getting a little bit bolder, you know, and then you'll develop your community, you'll My gosh, and the collaborations I have in the and then here's the catch. I don't ever I'm an inbound strategy. Now I don't ever go call cold call. I have people come to me and clients. And that's the beauty what I teach my clients, when you show up authentically help people, they're going to realize you're there to help them and they're going to want to come to you so. So it's brilliant. There's magic on LinkedIn, and on the ironically the day of 18th birthday on LinkedIn. Right? I'm a fancy,

Andrew Stotz 19:09
amazing, yeah. Well, that provides a lot of hope for all of us who are on Yeah, I know, a lot of the listeners are on it. But they haven't really, you know, made a lot of it. And so I think what you're talking about, I think, also for those listeners out there, you can't see it. But her banner says the future of marketing is personal. And part of what she's talking about is the idea of, you know, putting yourself out there personally. So there's a few things I took away from this that I just want to run through. The first one is I want to ask the question to the audience. And that is a question. As a financial analyst, when I go to meet with the CEO of a company to make a decision of whether we should invest in this company or not. I asked them this question. What's your number one constraint to growth? And I want to understand what is holding this company back from growing. And in every course that I teach with young people and anybody, I teach that, you know, you need to learn how to ask that question. But more importantly, ask that question to yourself. So the audience out there, I want you just to take a moment and think about this question, what is the number one constraint to growth in your life. And I think that's part of what I take away from you, Michelle, and your story is that we've got to identify what that constraint is just identifying. You know, for some people, it's just, you know, overwhelm for other people, it's lack of sleep for other people, it's procrastination, whatever it is for you. Call it out now. So that's the first lesson I take from your story. The second one is that the best products and services that are out there are born from that individuals struggle. And here we learn your struggle and how the what you're teaching and what you're sharing, and what you're helping people with, is exactly what you identify with. And then the third one is consistency. You talked about getting making the decision to get out there and consistently contribute. And trust me on LinkedIn, it doesn't have to be a complicated this, you know, you can put out a very simple one or two or three, you know, sentence statement about something. And remember that everybody that consistency usually comes with building habits. And I suspect most people wake up in the morning, they have a cup of coffee, or they have their cup of tea. And what I would suggest is you consider habit stacking is you know, one of the things that we learn from the habit books like Charles duhigg book on the power of habits, the atomic habits by James clear, and also bJ foggs book, tiny habits all teach that habit stacking is one thing you can do. So I challenge the listener. When you're getting that morning cup of coffee or tea, stop and write your post. Yeah, right, then, maybe even before you have that cup of tea, and sit down and write it don't make it long. So, boy, I got three really valuing takeaways, is there anything else that you would add to that?

Michelle Griffin 22:25
And yet, don't overthink it, just like you said, do it. And one of the things I didn't mention, there were a lot of people, as you mentioned, who were in my boat. In fact, I talked to a friend, this was like January 1, we're just chit chatting. And I challenged him like you should post let's post every day. And he's like, Great idea. Well, we look behind, I started a hashtag and a group called the 360 hashtag 365 challenge. And there are 300 people that in the group and way more that follow the hashtag and are doing it, they realize, oh my gosh, I struggle with this too. I want to stand out, I want to get my message out, I want to help more people. You know, it's all about the service of others, which was the most beautiful thing. And so we started we have this group, and there's people every day, you know, and that was the beauty of it. It wasn't about me that my brand is not about me, it's getting out there to help others. And you're probably right, you know, that little of our group, there's probably 1000s and 1000s more. So just take that first step. I was scared to get out, even though I mean, that's my thing. And what I do, I wasn't consistent. And once I made the step, I'm not saying I'm perfect or I know it all, but it makes me feel so much more confident. You know, great. And LinkedIn is a sharing place. LinkedIn is not the scary place of social media, it's a truly getting place. So that's comforting to

Andrew Stotz 23:44
so based upon what you learned from this story and what you continue to learn what one action would you recommend our listeners to to avoid suffering the same fate?


Michelle Griffin 23:55
Put yourself first. I mean, not in a way of being selfish. But know that if you don't take care of yourself, you're not going to be able to help others. Right? So put yourself first it's the oxygen mask theory that when we fly, you know, why do they ask you? I always wonder that when I was little Well, why would the mom put the mask on? What about me? Yeah, exactly. Well, that makes perfect sense. And this thing, it's like, you know, I, I didn't think I was, you know, I just didn't put myself first because it's not about putting yourself first to be first and look at me, which so you can take care of you. So I would say put yourself out there and be consistent. Just don't, don't give up because people are seeing you. It takes a while in our world in our oversaturated noisy world, right? Don't give up. So be consistent. And there are some days that you're going to just be on top of the world. This is in the entrepreneurial space to and then LinkedIn with your posts. Some days not but I guarantee you, people are seeing us especially on LinkedIn. We're anywhere from one to 3% of the people our members are actually posting so the rest are lurkers, they See you, they see you. So don't give up. If someone doesn't, you know, like are engaged, don't give up because you this is in it to win it long term thing, and you're gonna find the best part of your life if you stay in it.

Andrew Stotz 25:13
Alright, last question, what's your number one goal for the next 12 months?

Michelle Griffin 25:18
Yes, well keep building that brand to serve others. And I found that I ironically love being out there and helping others in the teaching thing. So in addition to my weekly personal branding clubhouse, I'm launching a podcast and a LinkedIn live show later this month, so I'm going to keep building those platforms. probably put a maybe a little mini course in many trainings, but just continually growing my community helping more people and in showing up on consistently every day.

Andrew Stotz 25:52
So that's what I'm doing. But we'll have links to all that in the show notes. So ladies and gentlemen, connect with Michelle by just going to the show notes. Alright, listeners, there you have it. Another story of loss to keep you winning. My number one goal for the next 12 months is to help you my listener, reduce risk and increase return in your life. To achieve this, I've created our community where you gain the five benefits I mentioned earlier, just go to my worst investment ever.com right now to join us. As we conclude, Michelle, I want to thank you again for coming on the show. And on behalf of a starts Academy. I hereby award you alumni status for turning your worst investment ever into your best teaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the

Michelle Griffin 26:44
Oh no. I'm just so excited. I made the cut. No, I'm gonna take this accolade and use it to just keep inspiring. You're inspired me to help more people. So thank you. I thank you. Thank you. And thank you to LinkedIn for me for matching us up and meet and helping us meet one another spinner. Pleasure.

Andrew Stotz 27:01
Beautiful, keep inspiring. And that's a wrap on another great story to help us create, grow and protect our wealth. Fellow risk takers. This is your worst podcast host Andrew Stotz saying. I'll see you on the upside.


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