Ep3: Emil Voehlert – Don’t Let FOMO Take Over Your Portfolio

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Guest profile

Emil Voehlert is the commercial manager at aCommerce – a company based in Bangkok that provides eCommerce Solutions throughout Southeast Asia. Emil started his career as Web Technician and later client coordinator for customers from Thailand at Mobillos.dk in Denmark. Later he moved to Thailand and developed his career there, working as a business development manager position at Tropical Focus and commercial effectiveness manager at Novo Nordisk.

Emil has a growth mindset and strives for constant improvement through education. He entered Stamford International University in 2011 and graduated with a Bachelor degree of Business Administration. In 2018 graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc) from Thammasat University.

In this episode, Emil shares his painful stock equities investment story because of his overconfidence and improper portfolio approach.


Keep investing and keep doing it over time. You got time on your side. It is all about compoundinover the years.”

Emil Voehlert


Topics Covered: 

00:50 – Emil Voehlert’s professional and investment background

02:42 – Emil describes his level of investing experience

03:28 – Emil describes the circumstances that led him to invest in German stock market

04:25 – Emil sharing his investment theme with his family and friends

05:47 – He and his friends experiencing a 10% gain on Deutsche Bank

06:34 – His stock’s performance compared to their entry point

07:20 – His supposedly cut loss at -40%

07:51 – Emil’s Takeaways from his investment experience

08:43 – Andrew summarizes the critical learning point from Emil’s experience

12:44 – Emil’s actionable advice to help listeners protect their investment: Do not just take it and use any words from friends at face value. 

Main Takeaways:

  • Lesson 1: Do not fall into the Fear of missing out. When it comes to investing, FOMO is significantly impacted by recency bias. Our fear of missing out becomes more and more intense after the market has just experienced an uptick. If we take a couple of steps back, it is clear why we maintain a diversified portfolio – it provides the most appealing tradeoff between maximizing returns and minimizing risk.
  • Lesson 2: Focus on your level of research. It is not enough to just develop an investment theme and build confidence in your idea.
  • Lesson 3: Have a zero-based thinking concept. Ask yourself and say, ” If I did not own it today will I add it?” It is one way to add clarity. Zero-Based Thinking goes against the traditional dogma of sticking with something even if it does more personal damage to you than good, which is often one of the biggest problems in investing namely attempting to make something work that you wouldn’t even have gotten into in the first place had you known better.

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