Ep222: Inspiration in Times of Crisis from Dan Gramza, David Keller & Dustin Mathews

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Current times might be difficult, and the future may seem bleak, but we will make it through. We will survive and thrive. Our past guests share more advice to help us navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Dan Gramza from Ep43 Don’t Let Overconfidence Ruin Your Trading Strategy

Dan Gramza is the President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. He is a trader, consultant to domestic and international clients, an advisor to hedge funds, a developer of ETF/ETC securities, and co-inventor of two issued security patents. He has published works and has appeared on numerous media outlets around the world.

  • We cannot control the social and economic impact of the virus, but we do have total control over how we react to these changes. Your focus should be on your reaction to thrive.
  • Appreciate the restrictions that have come with this virus because they are causing hidden positive changes.
  • This global pandemic has created a common cause that has brought people together locally and globally.
  • This is an opportunity for us to do the things that we’ve wanted to do, but we always put aside for various reasons.
  • If you’re feeling depressed, and you can’t seem to shake it, it may be time to seek professional help, or your spiritual leader or a good friend to express how you’re feeling. Sometimes just talking about it can put things into perspective.
  • It is also important to relax. Take a break once in a while to relax your mind and body.
  • Take care, and stay well as we go through this unique time in our lives.

David Keller from Ep111 It’s OK to be wrong, It’s not OK to Stay Wrong

David Keller, CMT, is the President and Chief Strategist of StockCharts.com, where he helps investors minimize behavioral biases through technical analysis. He is the author of the blog, Market Misbehavior, and most recently served as a subject matter expert for Behavioral Finance.

  • Use this period as a learning curve. Keep an accurate record of your decisions and a good trading journal. This will help you to make informed trading decisions in the future.
  • Whatever platform you use, make sure you keep notes of what you did and at what point so that you have a beautiful historical record of your actions once this is all over and we’re through this challenging bear market period.
  • You will learn way more in this bear market phase than in a bull market phase. So keep your eyes open.

Dustin Mathews from Ep151 Even if You Are An Expert in Investing in Real Estate, You Must Do Your Homework

Dustin Mathews is the co-founder and Chief Education Officer of wealthfit.com, an online learning startup focused on teaching all the stuff you never learned in school about money investing and entrepreneurship. He’s also the host of the Get Wealth Fit podcast where he’s had the chance to get inside the heads of top investors and famous people like Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, racing legend Danica Patrick, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and many more.

  • This is not the time to try and control the situation. With so much chaos going on, sit back and take it all in. Don’t pressure yourself to control an outcome or have an action plan.
  • Take the time to internalize; give yourself time and space to think. It’s not always easy, but it helps.
  • Talk to people that you respect that you trust and are part of your inner circle, and then put together a loose action plan and be fluid. Be willing to go to wherever this opportunity takes you.

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