Ep219: Scott Beebe – Write It Down to Gain Clarity and Business Results

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Guest profile

Scott Beebe is the founder and head coach of MyBusinessOnPurpose.com and author of Let Your Business Burn: Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover Purpose, And Build A Business That Matters.

Scott hosts the Business On Purpose podcast sharing real stories of how he and the team are working with business owners and their key leaders. They’re building systems, process, and purpose using the Business On Purpose Roadmap to liberate businesses from the chaos of working in their business and help them get their lives back.


“Where there is no vision, people become detached, people then scatter, and eventually people die.”

Scott Beebe


Worst investment ever

Success as he knew it comes tumbling down in an instant

One snowy Friday morning in February 2015, Scott walked into work and walked back home unemployed. He went home, ready to count his losses and figure out how to bounce back. Married with three kids, Scott needed to find his footing again and fast.

Taking his side hustle more seriously

At this point, Scott had already started Business on Purpose podcast. He figured he could take it a notch higher now that he had more time.

Scott called up two of his friends and asked them if he would coach them on how to create visions, missions, and values for their companies. The two friends accepted, and that’s how My Business on Purpose was born.

Instant business results

In just a few months, the business grew locally through word of mouth. Scott realized that the business had potential and so he decided to invest in marketing it. He hired someone to run Facebook ads for him.

Flushing money down the toilet

Excited to do more with his business, Scott forgot the tenets of what he was teaching other business owners, having a vision for your business. Scott left the Facebook manager to run things without a clear direction, and as expected, the marketing failed. The business never got any leads from this marketing effort.

Yep, $30,000 later, Scott never got a single lead from the Facebook ads. It was devastating, but he picked himself up and decided to follow his advice. He went back to the drawing board and drew up a master plan for his business, which is what he’s continued to use up to now with a lot of success.

Lessons learned

Vision is the most important thing in business

Vision is the most important thing in business. It’s not your financial health. It’s not making sure that you’ve got the right employees, it’s a vision. Without a vision, people scatter, and businesses die.

Have a business marketing master plan

Before you start marketing a business, have a master plan. Create everything from front to back. This is what people call a funnel, or a sequence or a campaign. Have a simple visual map so that you can see everything, then start plugging the parts and pieces in so that you can unleash it all together and make sure that you have everything.

Tune in and listen to your teammates

Your teammates have valuable ideas too. Learn how to drill down and listen to your teammates; they may just save you from making your worst investment ever.

Andrew’s takeaways

Have a sounding board

Make sure that you have some people around you that you can bounce ideas off each other. Put that can help you put your resources together in a way that produces maximum value for your business.

Make your message clear

Make your message very clear for all your advertising and marketing. Let your target audience know how they will benefit. What’s the next step in the process for them if they’re interested in going to that next step? Make this information clear.

Niche down

It’s essential to identify your target market, but also, try to move down into a persona. This will help you come up with a clear marketing message.

Actionable advice

Whether you’re doing things for Facebook ads, or family situations or business in general, write it down and map it out. Because when you write it down, other people can run with it.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Scott’s number one goal in the next 12 months is to liberate 100 business owners from the chaos around the world.

Parting words


“Work on the dock while the tide is out because when the tide’s out, you can see so much more clearly. We’re in a unique time. The tide is out, so take advantage of this time.”

Scott Beebe


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