Ep193: Danielle Rocco – Find Your Place in Life and Know Your Self Worth

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Guest profile

Danielle “Dani” Rocco is a mother, wife, and lifelong entrepreneur. Growing up as a professional ballerina developed her commitment and dedication to everything that life has to offer. As an adult, her athletic skills transferred and assisted in her becoming a successful business owner. At the age of 18, she started working for her family’s gymnastics school and took the company from bankruptcy to financial abundance. After 23 years of being the CEO, Dani left her family business to follow her passion as a life coach and relationship expert. She started working with CEOs but soon realized her heart and mission was serving the US military and veterans.

She is the author of Devoted to a Soldier & co-author with Les Brown of Own Your Dreams, co-author of 1 Habit. She created an Academy called Next Level of You, is a TV show host, a documentary producer of the documentary Devoted to a Soldier, speaker, and Life Insurance Specialist specializing in serving veterans and military.


“You can’t create abundance when you’re living for somebody else, and somebody else’s dreams.”

Dani Rocco


Worst investment ever

Starting her entrepreneurial journey

Dani’s journey to entrepreneurship started when she was 16 after she got pregnant with her son. Being a teenage mother created a mindset that she wasn’t valuable enough. For this reason, she was always trying to be better. This way, she felt less judged. At the time, she was living alone with her son and worked hard to make it in life.

Pledging her loyalty to her family

When she was 18, her father asked her to work for the family business and she agreed. It sounded like a good plan. She could take her son with her to work and also manage to go to college.

Dani comes from a strong Italian family, where loyalty is a lifelong requirement. Family comes first, no questions asked. So for 23 years, she ran the family business together with her brother. It was her duty and honor to serve and be everything for her father.

Losing her identity

Dani and her brother went on to work their tails off and did everything they could so that her dad could have the life that he had worked for. Along the way, she lost her identity while trying to be of service to her family.

At one time, she was involved in a terrible car accident and was paralyzed in bed. She would go in and out of consciousness but she still kept working even when bedridden.

Rethinking her purpose

During the time she was bedridden, she’d often think about her life wondering whether she was happy. She loved having money, loved taking care of her dad in his old age, and running a successful family business. However, she felt dead inside, like she was just walking through this earth. She, however, didn’t do anything about it.

Realizing her self worth

About two years after the accident, Dani and her brother finally left the family business. At this point, she didn’t know her self-value. She had never learned to figure out her value. All her life, all she did was to take care of her son, her parents and the family business. She’d never worked for anybody her whole life, and now she had to start her life over again.

She started coaching CEOs, and it was great. She was making good money and getting offered to travel all over the world. She loved it!

But, at the time, she was married and had six children. Her new job didn’t quite align with being married and having six children. But she kept going and ignored herself and what’s truly important to her. Her marriage fell apart.

Time to choose

Dani loved her husband very much, and soon enough, she realized that she was throwing her relationship away by choosing money over her husband. That was her biggest mistake ever. Luckily, she had a little bit of foresight and when she realized what was important to her, she picked her husband. She just had to pick herself and their relationship. Dani worked on rebuilding her life and focused on the truth.

Lessons learned

Open yourself to life

Don’t try to control the universe or the outcome of your life. Allow yourself to let life surprise you. If you try to control life, you will end up making the same mistakes.

Andrew’s takeaways

Know your self worth

Ask yourself, what is your value in this world? What do you bring to your relationships? What do you bring to the business? And if you say that your value is connected with someone else, step back, and imagine that person’s gone. Then ask yourself again. What do I want to bring to this world?

Time is finite start living now

We only have a certain amount of more time in this world. So think about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind and start working on it.

Self-value is not inborn

We’re not born with self-value, but you can build it at any time. So, start realizing your self worth now.

Self first

Put yourself and your needs first. Don’t let the sacrifices that you have to make for your loved ones prevent you from living your true life.

You can rebuild or restart at any time

If you are struggling right now, with a relationship, a job, or with any situation that’s causing you a lot of trouble, let go, stop and look at it. Does it serve you anymore? If not, change direction and restart.

Actionable advice

You have a place, and you have a purpose. Discovering that place and purpose means not being afraid to leave a situation that’s not your place, or maybe not your purpose.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Dani’s number one goal is to get the first episode out of her documentary.

Parting words


“Thank you, Andrew, for what you’re doing; it brought me into a new level of myself. That was unexpected. So thank you.”

Dani Rocco


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