Ep162: Tristan Wright – Being Authentic Means Living Life According to Your Goal Plan

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Guest profile

Tristan Wright is the rock star Business Sherpa from down under. He is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a background in leadership coaching and applied business. He studied engineering and industrial design.

He worked in that space for a couple of years but decided to start his own cycling clothing company, Seight, at the age of 24. Presently, his company, evolve to GROW gives business owners and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to simplify their workload, grow their profits, and reclaim their time.


“At the end of the day, I’m not responsible for how they feel and disconnected myself from that outcome. So, I have my own goal plan and I know what I want to achieve. People can see that I’m driven with where I want to get and they can see that I’m congruent with what I want to achieve, and how my actions align with that.”

Tristan Wright


Worst investment ever

It is not always great to be at the top of the world

At a very young age, Tristan Wright had already made a lot of money from his successful sportswear business. He started across Australia and ventured into different countries across the world. He was indeed feeling on top of the world for owning a seven-figure business at the age of 26.

However, because of his initial success, he thought that he needed no one’s advice. He felt invincible and believed that if he has achieved something others could not, what was stopping him from doing more?

Woke up with debt

One day, Tristan was this successful businessman from Australia dominating the sportswear industry, the next day, he woke up with a quarter-million dollars of debt and a wife who told him that they were over. For six months, everything just went from bad to worse. The Australian dollar dropped against US dollar just at the time he was investing in growing his business.

Mindset investment is equally important as monetary investment

What Tristan means by mindset investment is investing in yourself before investing in others. Earlier, he thought that making other people happy, would make him happy as well. He was living a life according to what society wanted him to be and how they perceived him to be.

He was so focused on making other people happy, putting up a show for them by looking nice and successful that he forgot his own goal plans. He disconnected himself from what truly made him happy. Yes, he was successful on the outside, but he felt empty and inauthentic inside which made him really unhappy.

Personal development includes minding your own business

When Tristan hit rock bottom, he realized that he had no one to turn to. Those people who he invested so much in were never there to support him. With that, he realized that he needed to put an end to the show and live his true self.

He started investing in himself by following what his goal plans were. Little by little, he saw improvement in his personal life. He was able to recover from his losses, grew the business again and eventually sold it.

Lessons learned

Live your own goal plan

Your goal plan should reflect who you are and not what others perceive you to be. What you want to do and not what others expect you to do. And how you want to achieve that without losing yourself in the process.

Take ownership and responsibility for all your actions

Anything that happens to you is the product of your own doing. If the results are great, then you only have yourself to be grateful to. If it’s not, then reflect and move forward.

Work on yourself first

To be able to be successful not just in business but in life as general, people need to continue to invest in themselves. If they want to go to the next level, they need to explore who they are as a person to be able to continue to move forward and grow.

Surround yourself with people who are ahead of you

It is important to surround yourself with people who you want to be surrounded with. To be able to learn, choose the people who are 2, 3, or 4 steps ahead of you.

Andrew’s takeaways

If you have a problem with that, that is your problem

At the end of the day, you are not responsible for how other people feel and what outcome they want. You can be empathic and kind but there needs to be a clear line delineating you from other people’s problems.

Authenticity is what attracts people

People value authenticity more than expensive and false advertising. It is authenticity that builds your business. This is the tie that strengthens your relationship with your customers.

Do what makes you happy

It is not always too late to invest in personal development. No matter how successful you want to be, if you are not doing it for yourself, you will never be happy and satisfied.

Actionable advice

Start asking yourself if you are living your goal plan. If not, then it is time to do it now. You need to be able to have a clear direction on what you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to do it.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Tristan wants to get on the speaking circuit across Asia. He already started in Australia but wants to have an impact in the Asian market by sharing his story.

Parting words


“Think what is possible and make possible your reality.”

Tristan Wright


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