Ep13: Yoshimasa Satoh – Invest Time in Yourself to Get the Life You Want

Yoshimasa Satoh, CFA, is APAC’s Product Strategist and Solutions Specialist. He is also the Vice President at eVestment, which is a NASDAQ company. He has been in charge of portfolio management, multi-asset investment strategy and asset allocation model development throughout his career. Previously, he served as a portfolio manager of quantitative investment strategies at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and other companies. He started his career at Nomura Research Institute, where he led Nomura Securities’ equity trading technology team. Yoshimasa is a member of CFA Society Japan. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree of engineering from the University of Tsukuba.

In this episode, Yoshimasa shares his worst investment ever story. He did not use his time horizons to plan his goals in life. He did not contemplate on thinking about his future. Instead, he worked so hard doing jobs he did not like at first. It was a good thing that later on, he took the leap to learn and exposed himself to the financial management industry which is his interest.


 “You have to find your own career path. Find the best one for yourself and live your own best life.”

– Yoshimasa Satoh



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Topics Covered: 

00:57 – Yoshimasa Satoh’s professional and personal background

02:22 – Yoshimasa shares his worst investment ever story not investing his time for himself early on in his life

06:04 – Lessons that Yoshimasa learned from the experience, knowing what you really want to do and creating a long-term career plan for yourself

07:20 – Andrew’s breakthrough story with her sister, doing the things we are good at and doing the things we like and what we enjoy

11:37 – Yoshimasa’s actionable tip to avoid people from going through the same experience of not using their time horizon to plan how they can achieve the life they want


Main Takeaways

  • Lesson 1: To keep always be looking for the things you enjoy. For work and in like and try to pursue those. Not from an extent that you are always going to be happy, but you’d be doing the things you enjoy, rather than just making money from the things you did not enjoy. Investing in yourself is the best return on investment you can have. It may be investing in learning a new skill, personal and professional development or pursuing your passion. You need to give time to yourself so you can align your plan and achieve the life you want to live.
  • Lesson 2: To focus on your future. You should always be writing your plans. It is like driving a car. When you are diving a car, you’ve got to look down and you’ve got to also look up. You just can’t focus on what is right in front of you. Or you’ll eventually crash.
  • Lesson 3: Think of long-term. If companies are short-term focused, that gives a great opportunity for those companies that are long-term focused. So do not be afraid to take a long-term view, in your personal and professional life. It is not always going to be popular. But I can tell you over time you can win.


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